State of Security 2024: The Race to Harness AI

May 2, 2024

The state of security in 2024 is a bit of a contradiction. Despite the obstacles in security professionals’ paths — stringent compliance requirements, escalating geopolitical tensions, and a more sophisticated threat landscape — the industry is making progress.

Many organizations report that cybersecurity is becoming easier to manage compared to previous years. Organizations collaborate more and detect threats faster, and most have the authority and resources to solve the issues they face.

Complete victory remains elusive, however, as defenders attempt to outrun adversaries in the race to harness generative AI. Security teams are understandably concerned that generative AI will intensify the impact of the same attacks they’ve skillfully thwarted for years.

We think defenders are up to the task. The full impact of generative AI on cybersecurity may be unknown, but one thing we do know: The race is on.

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