Survey Results: State of Breach Protection 2020

January 23, 2020

What are the key considerations security decision makers should take into account when designing their 2020 breach protection? To answer that we polled 1536 cybersecurity professionals in the 2020 Status of Breach Protection survey to understand the common practices, prioritizations and preferences of the organization today in protecting themselves from breaches.

An illustrative example is the issue of consolidation. Advanced breach protection today entails the deployment and manual integration of multiple point products. The findings of the survey validate that while lack of consolidation is the dominant practice, most organizations view it as a core problem that must be solved.

Moreover, the survey results reveal a clear inclination within organizations to deploy advanced breach protection on top of the standard AV/Firewall/Email Protection stack. In light of the above, this is expected to make the lack of consolidation a critical issue for many additional organizations.

Another example relates to the balance between cloud and on-prem resources. While there is no arguing that the cloud represents the future of IT, the survey findings indicate that the transit might take place at a slower pace than expected and that the lion’s share share of organizations’ critical resources still reside on their premises – an insight with significant implications when prioritizing new security projects.Breach Protection

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