The 2023 State of Data + AI report

May 22, 2023

In the 6 months since ChatGPT launched, the world has woken up to the vast potential of AI. The unparalleled pace of AI discoveries, model improvements and new products on the market puts data and AI strategy at the top of conversations across every organization around the world. We believe that AI will usher in the next generation of product and software innovation, and we’re already seeing this play out in the market. The next generation of winning companies and executives will be those who understand
and leverage AI.

In this report, we examine patterns and trends in data and AI adoption across more than 9,000 global Databricks customers. By unifying business intelligence (BI) and AI applications across companies’ entire data estates, the Databricks Lakehouse provides a unique vantage point into the state of data and AI, including which products and technologies are the most popular and fastest growing, the types of data science and machine learning (DS/ML) applications being developed and more.

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About the Provider

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform for Dummies is your guide to simplifying your data storage. The lakehouse platform has SQL and performance capabilities — indexing, caching and MPP processing — to make BI work rapidly on data lakes.


ChatGPT, Large Language Models