The 2023 Workforce Authentication Report

October 16, 2023

92% of businesses have or plan to move to passwordless technology with 95% of businesses currently using a passwordless experience at their organization. 89% of IT leaders expect passwords will represent less than a quarter of their organization’s logins in 5 years or less.

The main barrier to passwordless adoption is education: 55% of IT leaders feel they need more education on how the technology works and/or how to deploy it.

A majority of businesses are still using phishable authentication methods, such as passwords (76%) and MFA (43%) when it comes to authenticating users within their organization.

92% of IT leaders believe passkeys will benefit their overall security posture; and 93% of IT leaders agree that passkeys will eventually help reduce the volume of unofficial (Shadow IT) applications.

A majority of IT leaders (50%) believe that passwordless authentication will reduce the need for nonpasswordless AMFA offerings; 56% believe it will also result in a reduction in IT help desk requests.

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