The Elastic Generative AI Report

March 26, 2024

Generative AI was the most disruptive technology of 2023, and 2024 is trending in the same direction. Generative AI’s arrival and early adoption signals a new era: how we live and work are undergoing seismic shifts. For businesses, the journey to adopt generative AI is an arms race: the fastest to operationalize this revolutionary technology will be the authors of history. When implemented with intention, generative AI is a transformative tool that can improve operational resilience and productivity, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate security risks.

Underpinning the transformative power of generative AI is one multi-dimensional tool: search. Search is fundamental to powering generative AI. Coupled with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), search gives generative AI the capability to find answers in real-time across datasets and data types. As the volume of data explodes, businesses need to quickly and efficiently navigate their proprietary data and find relevant answers to create actionable insights—fast.

Recognizing the global urgency to adopt generative AI, this report provides a view of the common challenges and opportunities across industries as companies consider generative AI for their businesses. This report also aims to inform and guide the decision-making processes of organizations pursuing generative AI adoption.

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