The State of Data Security: The Journey to Secure an Uncertain Future

November 15, 2023

Rubrik Zero Labs strives to deliver actionable, vendor-agnostic insights to reduce data security risks. To that end, we incorporated findings from two independent sources.

We utilized Rubrik telemetry in an effort to stay as close as possible to the ground truth of a typical organization’s environment and the threats facing them. Using this approach also helped us create actionable future models from actual datasets.

Speaking of transparency, here’s what makes up this dataset and how it influences our perspective.

We have to be. If we truly had to face the amount of hardship in today’s world, many of us would never get out of bed. We need optimism to survive.

But that same optimism can also blind us from important realities.

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we know every time we hop in a car we’re taking a risk. In fact, insurance companies plan for the average driver to be in a car accident…

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About the Provider

Rubrik is a software-defined data management platform for physical, virtual and hybrid environments, that simplifies and unifies backup, data protection and instant recovery onsite, in the cloud and at the data centre.


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