Toward Analytics Automation in Asia Pacific

September 20, 2021

Executive Summary

A Market Need

94% of line of business (LoB), IT, and digital transformation (DX) leaders agree that data analytics are important for their organizations, or their areas to stay performant.

Only 19% of Asia Pacific companies are analytics experts.

Analytics experts are more likely to exceed their peers by

  • 56% in cost reduction
  • 28% in business model innovation
  • 17% in new product development

However, challenges like hard to use tools, lack of data literacy, lineage and integrity, as well as scattered and unmanaged tools are only getting more acute. Hence, analytics automation is becoming a necessity to remove friction, in order to accelerate the scaling out of data analytics across the entire  organization.

A Technology Solution

IDC’s analytics maturity framework has four key dimensions: strategy, data, workforce, and process. In aggregate, these dimensions represent the organization’s ability to create value from their data and analytics initiatives.

Survey data suggests a natural progression to becoming an analytics expert, from strategy to data to workforce to process. But it is the process capabilities that are slowest to mature and the biggest roadblock.

Process weaknesses can be mitigated with analytics automation.

At least 86% of organizations can benefit from analytics automation tools.

Data analytics is important for businesses to stay performant, but it involves various challenges

DX, IT and LoB leaders agree that data analytics are important for their organizations to stay performant. However, different roles struggle with different challenges to make it work.

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