Trellix 2023 Threat Predictions

December 8, 2022

Every year, we look into our crystal balls and share our thoughts on what the next year in cyberthreats may look like. The Advanced Research Center team’s work has informed predictions spanning from hacktivism to cyberwar to the software supply chain.

We started 2022 with an industry-wide vulnerability in Log4J, which was closely followed by cyber and physical war targeting Ukraine. We’re closing the year observing hacktivists taking matters into their own hands, new actors in operation, and a changed but increasingly active ransomware landscape. As stress continues to weigh on the global economy, organizations should expect increased activity from threat actors looking to advance their own agenda – whether for political or financial gain.

To outwit and outpace bad actors and advance defenses proactively, security must be always-on and always learning. Our team studies new cyber activity, develops threat indicators to make our security products smarter, and publishes research that keeps our customers and the industry at large prepared.

Following, researchers across the Trellix Advanced Research Center outline just what the cybersecurity landscape may look like as we move through 2023.

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