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Unlocking Multicloud’s Operational Potential

August 5, 2022

Multicloud is the most pervasive form of cloud strategy that practitioners and decision-makers choose, and it’s growing. Firms choose to operate with multicloud because it is a reliable, scalable platform with which to digitally transform. However, operational risks can inhibit these complex cloud environments from reaching their full potential. Data security, skills shortages, and lack of centralized operational responsibility are some of the critical challenges in optimizing multicloud operations.

To address these challenges, firms must invest in developing centralized platform teams — specific cloud groups responsible for carrying out multicloud operations and developing best practices, security policies, and aligning internal assets (people and processes) throughout the organization.

In January 2022, HashiCorp commissioned Forrester Consulting to understand the current state of multicloud operations, along with the drivers, challenges, benefits, and opportunities for those using it. Forrester conducted an online survey with 1,039 international application development and delivery professionals who work at companies of 1,000 or more employees in the financial services, healthcare/biotech, education, agriculture, consumer goods/retail, energy/utilities, media/entertainment, hospitality/travel, technology software or services, telecommunications, and transportation industries.

We found that to unlock the full benefits of multicloud, organizations need to holistically align and standardize operations with a platform approach while allocating critical resources to increase automation, scale, and security by using the right technology approaches and tools.

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