Veeam Data Protection Report 2021

March 23, 2021

How the last year has affected IT, Digital Transformation, and data protection strategy … in ways NEVER seen before

In December 2020, an independent research firm completed a survey of 3,000 enterprises across 28 countries on what their data protection challenges and goals were, regardless of what their current or future data protection vendor choices were.

The research project was commissioned by Veeam and helmed by two former industry analysts with a combined 60-years of experience in the data protection industry. The results and insights from the survey, as well as Veeam’s perspective, are both offered in this report.


Data protection, now more than ever, is providing peace of mind and ensuring business continuity. The world of data protection is wide and varying, across new technology and old, striving to support an ever-changing world of technology. This Report looks into a recent global survey of 3,000 unbiased organizations to understand their approach toward data protection and management today. This includes how they expect to be prepared for the myriad IT challenges they face, including reacting to demand changes and interruptions in service, global influences (such as COVID-19), and more aspirational goals of IT modernization and Digital Transformation.

While organizations already have a diverse mix of physical servers (29%), virtual machines (23%), and cloud-hosted servers (47%), the amount of cloud-hosted workloads within hybrid-IT environments is expected to grow even faster over the next two years. This fastpaced shift shows that recent events such as the global pandemic have accelerated an already-strong movement towards a more cloud-friendly and multi-cloud ecosystem.

Company concerns seem to be consistent, with many thoughts going toward data and cloud availability, customer experience, and brand impact. However, this report shows that by modernizing data protection with easy-to-use and flexible solutions, businesses can significantly increase data protection and usability while also freeing many resources to focus further on their IT modernization and management efforts.

So, as you read this report, please keep your own IT challenges and goals in mind as you consider how you and your organization align with the 3,000 enterprises surveyed on modern data protection.

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