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WP Engine Generation Resilience Report 2021

September 21, 2021

Key Findings

Aussies survive 3 days without water but only 4 hours without internet: 44% of Australians are unable to go more than four hours without Internet access before becoming “uncomfortable”. Millennials are the most internet obsessed, with over a quarter (27%) saying they cannot go more than an hour without internet before becoming “uncomfortable”.

Young Aussies fear their online rep will impact their financial future: Two thirds of Gen Z (67%) fear their online actions (e.g. social media posts, past purchases) will affect future job offers. Over half of young Australians think their online rep will determine their dating options (Gen Z 53%; Millennials 52%), and whether they’ll be eligible for a loan to buy a car or a house in the next five years (Gen Z 60%; Millennials 51%).

COVID-19 kickstarts young Aussies’ careers: Younger generations are the most likely to think remote work has stunted their careers (Gen Z 50%; Millennials 39%). However, they’re taking back control over their careers, with 51% of Gen Z and 41% of Millennials intending to start their own business. Over half intend to launch their business online (Gen Z 55%; Millennials 62%). Gen Z focus industries are retail (25%), entertainment (22%), beauty and wellness (21%) and technology (12%). Millennials’ is technology at 20%.

Aussies make new friends online during COVID-19: 73% of Australians feel the Internet has made people more connected during the pandemic. This increases to 4 in 5 of Gen Z (83%). 63% of Gen Z believe their relationships (romantic, work and school) have suffered due to CO VID 19 while 74% of Baby Boomers said their relationships haven’t suffer at all. Over half of Gen Z (54%) made a new friend online during COVID 19.

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