Zscaler ThreatLabz 2024 AI Security Report

March 26, 2024

AI is more than a pioneering innovation—it’s now business as usual. As generative AI tools like ChatGPT transform business in large and small ways, AI is being woven deep into the fabric of enterprise life. However, questions about how to securely adopt these AI tools while defending against AI-driven threats are not settled.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting AI and ML tools across departments like engineering, IT marketing, finance, customer success, and more. Yet, they must balance the numerous risks that come with AI tools to reap their fullest rewards. Indeed, to unlock the transformative potential of AI, enterprises must enable secure controls to protect their data, prevent the leakage of sensitive information, mitigate ‘Shadow AI’ sprawl, and ensure the quality of AI data.

These AI risks to enterprises are bidirectional: outside enterprise walls, AI has become a driving force for cyberthreats. Indeed, AI tools are allowing cybercriminals and nation state-sponsored threat actors to launch sophisticated attacks, more quickly, and at greater scale. Despite this, AI holds promise as a key piece of the cyber defense puzzle as enterprises grapple with a dynamic threat landscape.

The ThreatLabz 2024 AI Security Report offers key insights into these critical AI challenges and opportunities.

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