Atif Khan

Co-Founder and CTO at Alkira.net

With more than two decades of networking industry experience, Atif Khan has designed and supported the networks of scores of Fortune 500 enterprises and major service providers. He has held senior Customer Support, Product Management, and Network Design Consulting positions at Huawei U.S., Juniper Networks, Procket Networks (acquired by Cisco), Timetra (acquired by Alcatel Lucent), and Cisco. Most recently, he served as Director of Product Management in the Carrier IP Products division of Huawei U.S., where he was responsible for defining the product direction for the North American market. Atif’s credits include defining, deploying, and supporting the requirements for many best-of-breed carrier IP core and edge products, including the Procket Networks Pro/8800 Series routers, the Timetra 7750 Series routers, and the Juniper Networks MX/T Series routers.


On-demand Cloud Network as-a-Service (CNaaS) – Interview with Atif Khan, CTO & co-Founder, Alkira

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