Dagmawi Mulugeta

Threat researcher with Netskope Threat Labs.

Dagmawi has his OSCP and has previously worked at Cyrisk (a subsidiary of 4A Security), Sift Security (acquired by Netskope), and ECFMG as a researcher, security engineer, and developer. He has innate interests in public CTFs, exploit development, and abuse of cloud apps.

He has his MSc in Cybersecurity from Drexel University. In this interview, Dagmawi shared the behavioural insights found for employees preparing to leave, and how these indicators could enable organizations to protect their data more effectively.

He noted the concern that many organisations have with “flight risk” users – that is, employees that are getting ready to leave – taking corporate data with them. A common question to address this concern, is how to efficiently identify such risks – without sifting through hundreds of alerts and spending hundreds of man-hours.


Insider Threats and Corporate Data exfiltration


Episode 361 – Insider Threats and Corporate Data exfiltration

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