Dr Bill Bailey, BA(Hons) MA, MCIL, PhD.

Dr Bill Bailey is currently Regional Director Australasia for the International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals (IACIPP) and works as security management consultant working in the oil and gas industry; predominately in Papua New Guinea. Bill also remains an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Edith Cowan University, Security Research Centre, Perth, Australia after having taught in the Security Science Department, specialising in: counter insurgency, terrorism and countering terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, security management, physical security, security, health and safety, business continuity, strategic risk and emergency management.

Dr Bill Bailey served as an Inspector with the Royal Hong Kong Police, Tactical Unit and was a trained Terrorist Negotiator before becoming a security and risk management specialist in Africa for the Oil and Gas industry. Bill has extensive experience of managing security in hostile and difficult environments having dealt with numerous disaster situations, including coup d’états in Equatorial Guinea 2004, Mauritania in 2004/2005 and a ‘Hi-Jack’ at Hong Kong Airport in 1978. Contracts include: Exxon Mobil in Kenya, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea; with Woodside Australian Energy in Australia, Mauritania and Senegal. In Algeria: First Calgary Petroleum, BP-Amoco, Bechtel, Halliburton Energy, and Amerada-Hess. Further contracts with: Control Risks Group, Stirling FMC, Triton Energy, Jet Air, Hess Energy; Pride Forasol, Virgin Atlantic, Schlumberger, ABB Group, PTTEP, Oil Search Ltd and Talisman Energy.

His primary role is to develop closer relationships with the Regional authorities and stakeholders and raise the profile organisation throughout the Australasian region.

Specialties: Security and risk management, asset protection, logistical support and operations, languages, emergency responder and field medic, emergency and distaster coordinator, critical infastructure protection advisor, security systems and access controls, Occupational Health and Safety Lead Auditor and compliance adivsor 

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The International Association of Critical Infrastructure Protection Professionals (IACIPP), is an international association of practitioners and professionals involved in the security and safety of critical infrastructure, both physical and information infrastructure.