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Dr. James Walsh

Research Fellow, Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments, University of South Australia.

UniSA researchers have designed a digital tool to help the police, defence industry – and now child protection services – translate complex data into a visual story, saving hundreds of hours of time.

What can I say, I’ve been writing code since I was 4 years old using HyperCard on my dad’s Mac. Decades later I’m still programming. I have completed my PhD exploring ad-hoc tangible user interfaces. I am now a research fellow working on the Data-to-Decisions collaborative research centre (D2D CRC) whilst running and consulting under Setore Australia. Technologies change but my passion stays the same. My software is currently running in financial institutions, logistics companies, publishers, universities and on mobile devices worldwide.

I’m a technology enthusiast with the belief that technology has the ability to empower people and improve their lives whilst advancing wider society. I offer experience in a number of different areas, from software and web development, project management and reverse engineering to electronics and design. This leads to my personal passion in home automation (smart environments and pervasive computing), which I pursue in my own time and through my business, Setore Australia as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Despite having cross platform skills, I specialize in all things Microsoft.

I regularly work on rapid prototyping and development of concepts for clients, taking concepts to working prototypes in a matter of hours or days. My skills and experience always come together in unique ways to match the clients unique problems.

Despite my focus on programming/research, my previous experience includes hardware assembly/troubleshooting/support and OEM/VAR sales across the consumer, corporate and education markets, giving me a unique perspective on how to approach problems.


Telling a complex tale – Digital Narrative Visualisation Tool

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