Dr John Coyne

Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement, Head of the North and Australia’s Security, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra

John was the inaugural head of ASPI’s Border Security Program, and more recently established the North and Australia’s Security.

He is the author of the ‘The Role of Strategic Intelligence in law Enforcement’ and has published widely on policing, national security and organised crime.

Since commencing at ASPI John has conducted field research on Mexican organised crime, biosecurity, regional coastguards, border security, people smuggling, illicit drugs, corruption and foreign bribery, regional intelligence sharing and ASEAN economic integration. He has authored numerous research publications and provided expert commentary to media and news outlets.

John came to ASPI from the Australian Federal Police, where he worked on transnational serious organised crime, national security, and counter-terrorism.

John has worked in intelligence and national security for over 25 years. He has been an intelligence professional at tactical, operational, and strategic levels across a range of military, regulatory, national security and law enforcement organisations.

He has been a Winston Churchill Fellow and a Vincent Fairfax Fellow. John is a member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime and the ANU Criminology Industry Advisory Group.


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