Etay Maor

Senior Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks

I am cybersecurity enthusiast with a track record both as an individual contributor and as a team and group manager. Passionate about security, threat intelligence, education and team work. I was honored to be chosen as one of 17 “IBM Rockstar Employees” by Business Insider.

I have vast experience in studying and analyzing cyber threats, correlating trends, events and changes in technology and taking complex technical security issues and presenting and explaining them in a clear and understandable manner.

As a recognized industry speaker I have dozens of speaking and key note appearances in security industry events, including:
RSA USA, RSA Asia, RSA Europe, FS-ISAC, GovWare Singapore, Disruptive Innovation in Security, Technology Madrid, IBM Impact, IBM Pulse, DCOI (Defensive Cyberspace Operations & Intelligence)
and many more academic master courses, volunteer work with schools and media interviews and publications. 


IoT Security and avoiding endpoint detection

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