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Gavin Tonnet

C Suite Leader | Director | Property and Technology Innovation

Gavin is a recognised expert and leader in the property space having created and led businesses for Mirvac, Leighton, Stockland and Japanese giant, Sekisui House. He was responsible for many significant city-changing urban renewal projects.

Gav’s now turned his attention to utecture which is carving out a new category in building technology that uses digitisation, visualisation and data to lower costs for builders and consumers and drive climate impact .

After being introduced to the team behind the utecture technology, Gavin spent the better part of the year travelling the world trying to poke holes in it.

Instead, he realised that there were no holes to poke and he joined the team because he believed it is the next big thing with ramifications not only for the commercial health of the building industry, the wellbeing of the house-buying public, but also our shared environmental future.

utecture is carving out a new construction technology category called Virtual Pre-Construction. Virtual Pre-Construction requires digital twinning technology to deliver on four distinct pillars: Design, Real-time Pricing; Visualisation and Management.


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