Guillaume Noé

Cyber Security Advisor. Business Leader.

Cyber Security Advisor & Business Leader. Passionate about Technology, Security & Privacy.

* Growing the Avanade Cyber Security business in Australia;
* Built, ran & grown a Cyber Security business in Australia & New Zealand (GM Pirean);
* Built & led a commercial Cyber Security Advisory Practice for Australia’s largest Telecommunication operator (GM Security Consulting at Telstra);
* Been a trusted Cyber Security Advisor. Sold and led the delivery of numerous IT & OT Security, IT risk & IT governance advisory and audit services (Director, Security Practice at Deloitte);
* Led and project managed the delivery of security and technology solutions (IT Security Project Lead at IBM; Project Manager at Queensland Treasury Corporation);
* Delivered systems and software solutions in Security & Technology (IBM software developer, IT Consultant, Research & system development in Robotics & Automation).

Articles published with the Australian Cyber Security Magazine, CPO Magazine, International Association of Privacy Professionals magazine and SecurityIntelligence.com.
Security speaker at events such as ISACA, AISA, ACS, Telstra Vantage and many other events.
Blogging on Cyber Security at guinoe.com, LinkedIn Articles and identityandaccess.org

I have lived and worked in France, Portugal, the UK and Australia. I enjoy and value multi-cultural and diversity-rich professional environments. I am fluent in English, French & Portuguese and can also operate in Spanish (Castilian).


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