Jason Held

CEO Saber Astronautics

Hello everyone. I am a space engineer with 20 years of experience in spacecraft, operations, mission control, and team leadership. Space is a personal passion and I founded Saber Astronautics as the mechanism to contribute to this industry that I love. For the last 10 years this has been a practical application of machine learning and 3d graphics making space easy to control and to solve operational problems such as flight diagnostics, swarm control, space weather, orbital dynamics, etc. Saber now sells to the US Air Force, Australian Air Force, and a growing range of commercial satellite owners. Very proud to work with a crackerjack team of engineers and thinkers making the next generation of space control possible.

Before founding Saber Astronautics, I was a US Army Major for USSTRATCOM (Space Command) and deployed internationally during wartime. I taught at the Interservice Space Fundamentals Course and served as an active duty engineer at Army Space and Missile Command Battle Lab. Military service also includes 5 years in the field artillery deployed to a range of hazardous duty locations. As a civilian I wrote flight software for the of the Hubble Space Telescope (Wide Field Camera 3) and testing for the International Space Station.

As an academic I lectured for the IRS Space Station Design Workshop, University of New South Wales, and International Space University. I led a research expedition in the high Canadian Arctic and am active growing the “NewSpace” community co-founding teams such as the Delta-V SpaceHub Accelerator and the University of Sydney space engineering laboratory.


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