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John Blaxland

Professor of International Security & Intelligence Studies, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre

Dr John Blaxland is a Professor of International Security and Intelligence Studies at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at ANU. His publications include ‘The Protest Years’, ‘The Secret Cold War’ (the second & third volumes of the ASIO official history, Allen & Unwin, 2015 & 2016), ‘East Timor Intervention (MUP 2015), The Australian Army From Whitlam to Howard (CUP, 2014), Strategic Cousins (MQUP, 2006), Revisiting Counterinsurgency (LWSC, 2006), Information era Manoeuvre (LWSC, 2002), Signals (Melbourne, 1999) and Organising an Army (SDSC, ANU, 1989). He is the first Australian to be awarded a Minerva Research Initiative grant for a project on “Thailand’s Military, the USA and China”. He is a member of the Australian Army Journal editorial board. 


Episode 199 – National Security implications of COVID-19 – Prof John Blaxland & Jacinta Carroll – Australian National University


THE US INDO-PACIFIC STRATEGY – Impacts for Australia & the Region (includes Xtek interview)

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