Lani Refiti

Regional Director of Claroty cover IoT Security Vulnerabilities & Exploits

“Lead authentically and attract others to engage. Use innovation as a key differentiator and inspire a collaborative spirit to deliver successful outcomes”

Hello, I’m Lani Refiti and I specialise in the area of business technology and management consulting, amassing over 20 years experience with expertise in emerging technology adoption – IoT & A.I, risk/cybersecurity, startups and building and leading highly successful teams. I advise several startups in the the areas of technology and business/market strategy and serve as Chief Executive Officer of IoTSec Australia Inc, an industry advocacy and research initiative to promote secure practices in the IoT ecosystem (www.iotsec.net.au).

I love personal and applied leadership and hold a Masters, Psychotherapy (M.Gest.Therapy) with a focus on emotional intelligence as a catalyst for effective leadership and influencing organisational effectiveness. In this vein I also practice as a Psychotherapist helping on issues such as depression, stress and anxiety in individuals, relationship stress in couples and organisational leadership and culture development in organisations.

I also speak publically on emerging trends such as IoT РSmart Cities, Connected Transport, IIoT, AI, cyber security as well as a person-centric approach to tech ensuring our needs for connection and contact are met in an increasingly tech-ubiquitious world. My speaking bio can be found here Рhttps://www.icmi.com.au/lani-refiti 


IoT Security Vulnerabilities

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