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Mark Deuter

Managing Director at Aerometrex Ltd

Mark Deuter is Aerometrex’s Managing Director and served as Chairman of the Board from 2011 to 2019. Mark is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and has a B.Sc.(Maths) degree with majors in Computer Science and Geography. Mark joined Aerometrex in 2005 under the previous ownership as Aerometrex’s General Manager, overseeing the expansion of Aerometrex as it introduced digital aerial camera technology. He established Aerometrex’s aerial operations and managed human resources, sales and marketing. He also set strategic directions for Aerometrex’s growth in Australia. On the change of ownership under MBO in 2011, Mark was appointed Managing Director and Chairman of the Board. Under his direction, Aerometrex has experienced a period of sustained growth and corporate innovation. Prior to joining Aerometrex, Mark worked in airborne geophysics data processing for 13 years as General Manager and later Managing Director of Pitt Research Pty Ltd, a small airborne geophysics data processing consultancy servicing the requirements of the mineral exploration industry throughout Australia. He also had a 15 year career in cartography, aerial surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography and topographic mapping with the South Australian Department of Lands (1977-1992). Mark has also held the position of non-Executive Director on two other Boards, namely Airborne Research Australia Pty Ltd, a commercial company offshoot from Flinders University involved primarily in high-altitude atmospheric physics, and also Primary Resources Ltd, a junior mineral exploration start-up company. 


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