Mark Fernandez

Principal Investigator for Spaceborne Computer.

Dr. Fernandez is currently the Principal Investigator for the Spaceborne Computer-2 project, reporting to the GM and SVP of HPC at HPE. His duties have included completion of the original Spaceborne Computer (SBC) experiment as Payload Developer for Software. Spaceborne Computer exceeded its mission life while also meeting all of its objectives. SBC demonstrated that modern, unmodified Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computer systems could be used in space exploration to address scientific and engineering computational needs.

More importantly, Dr. Fernandez led the internal effort to obtain executive approval for the follow-on Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2), to secure internal funding for the SBC-2 experiment; to assemble the virtual Team required for this 2 year mission; and to begin to track this new market.

In addition, Dr. Fernandez remains a Payload Developer for Software for SBC-2 and leads the software development Team which continues the advanced development of the “HARDening with SOFTware” architecture.

Dr. Fernandez earned his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing from the University of Southern Mississippi, his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics from Spring Hill College.


Edge computing at teraflop speeds

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