Martin Gill


Professor Martin Gill ([email protected]) is a criminologist who has published extensively on security issues and pioneered the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (the OSPAs: www.theospas.com) and the Tackling Economic Crime Awards (the TECAs: www.thetecas.com). From his research work in prisons interviewing robbers, burglars, fraudsters and murderers, amongst others, he learnt that being prolific and successful at committing crime without being caught was dependent on security not being effective. This finding and the need to respond to it has driven his professional career.

In addition to understanding offenders’ perspectives he has conducted ‘mystery shoplifting tests’; interviewed and surveyed the leading security professionals worldwide (see: www.perpetuityresearch.com). He has been involved in promoting, incentivising and highlighting good practices. The OSPAs and TECAs and via collaboration with the UK police service the Secured Environments certification (www.securedenvironments.com) for organisations (eg shopping centres, universities, retail outlets, major businesses) that have, or seek, effective security management.

Webinar : Offenders – what’s their story

Date : 28 April