Martin Keetels

National Manager of Robotics and Innovation, Konica Minolta, Australia

An astute and hands on professional with a passion for innovation. I’m at my best when faced with big challenges requiring clarity and the need to win hearts and minds. Quick to identify and qualify trends, I’m good at creating business models to maximise value.

A believer in understanding people to unlock potential, I create high performing and collaborative teams. I thoroughly enjoy the recruitment process and I train colleagues myself. I develop relationships with those with whom I work quickly and I take an active interest in their professional development and their lives.

Whilst a big picture person, I am hands on and bring a commercial and legal acumen to all that I do. I am a risk taker and I enjoy leveraging technology and ingenuity to solve problems. Cash flow, balance sheet and P&L management are all core strengths. I have significant experience working within corporates, corporate backed start ups and founding my own business which I grew to a $4.5m business in 5 years as a side hustle.

I have a flair for marketing and have built companies that have created their success through creative marketing campaigns and strategies. I read widely and I especially enjoy the AFR, The Economist, HBR and business autobiographies.

I am a qualified legal practitioner (BA/LLB UQ) with an MBA (MGSM). I was awarded Australian Young Manager of the Year from the Australian Institute of Management in 2011. I have experience as a Non Executive Director and as a Managing Director


Indo-Pacific Series : Aerospace, Defence & Security Technology Market Trends

Episode 7: DEFENCE & NATIONAL SECURITY DOMAIN – Robotics & Autonomous Systems

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