Matthew Salier

CEO of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

Matthew is the Director of RMIT Activator, the heart of entrepreneurship at RMIT University. He is passionate about helping people and businesses to thrive in a connected digital world.

For the past 25 years, Matthew has worked with hundreds of start-ups, small, medium and large public and private organisations; helping them to apply creativity, strategic thinking, new ideas and new technologies to traditional business challenges, successfully guiding these new economy business builders and disruptive innovators to greater heights.

Matthew is an intrapreneur himself having created 5 spin outs within larger organisations over the last 20 years, each with a focus on social innovation and impact. And enduring passion for empowering people to develop and mature their abilities to build companies, create jobs, distribute wealth and generate positive social impact has been the cohesive thread through Matthew’s career.


Australian cyber collaboration extends to global space industry

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