Mr. Yigal Unna

Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate

Prior to the INCD, Mr. Unna served in the Israel Security Agency (ISA), also known as Shin Bet and Shabak, for 23 years. The ISA is Israel’s domestic intelligence service. He retired as the Director of the Cyber and Signal Intelligence Operations Division (military rank equivalent of major general).

Mr. Unna began his career as an officer in the elite Unit 8200 in the Israel Defense Forces. Unit 8200 is responsible for collecting signal intelligence and code decryption.

Overall, Mr. Unna served 33 years in Israel National security – all of them in cyber security and Data warfare.

Since retiring from public office, Mr. Unna advise to leading and promising Israeli cyber startups and growing enterprises, a venture partner in venture capital funds focusing on cyber security, and manage national cyber projects for foreign governments (Africa, Asia and eastern Europe).

Mr. Unna take part in the international advisory panel for Singapore Ministry of Transportation in Maritime, contributing his experience on cyber security aspects of Maritime.

Mr. Unna is part of the Global Cyber Group of Aspen institute, and a member of the advisory team to Krach Institute for tech diplomacy at Purdue, both US research institutions.


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