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Paul Williams

Founder and Director at Black Arrow Space Technologies

Consultant Propulsion Engineer/Technologist, with a focus on Chemical Spacecraft Propulsion.

Business Development Consultant, advising, assisting and enabling SME’s to enter the European space sector, compete for available projects and funding and representing small businesses in meeting their aspirations, while growing the space capabilities of UK plc.

Other professional attributes encompass experience in Product Assurance, Supplier Interface and Supply Chain Management.

I have travelled widely throughout Europe and the World, working in UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as the US.

My goal is to provide the global space industry with the expertise, insight and experience that I have been fortunate enough to have received through my travels and influences, to enable better decision-making and strategy formulation in the propulsion arena.

I have a keen attention to detail and consistency, which, in my view, is key to meeting the levels of efficient reliability and repeatability to which this industry aspires.
As one, Mankind can perform any task, reach any goal and meet any objective that it sets its collective mind to.

Too few people understand that and hence we struggle to achieve our potential.


Black Arrow Space Technologies & UK Australia Space Bridge Opportunity

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