Professor Mark Kendall

WearOptimo and ANU

He is Founder and CEO of WearOptimo, advancing Microwearable sensors for precision medicine.

The companies licensing my patents/technologies have generated a combined economic value of $2 Billion.

He is internationally-recognised as a leading innovator in producing technology solutions to global health problems; and a translator of commercial technologies focusing on delivery of drugs to skin and skin-based disease diagnostics.

This has culminated from more than 23 years of experience researching, developing and innovating: authoring >200 refereed publications, and being an inventor on >140 granted patents.

While at the University of Oxford, I was an inventor of the biolistics technology, commercialised with PowderJect (sold to Chiron Vaccines for $1 Billion in 2003), and then PowderMed, purchased by Pfizer for $400 million in 2006.

He was Founder, CTO and a Director of Vaxxas (2011-2015), which was the commercialisation vehicle for my Nanopatch vaccine delivery invention, featured in my TEDGlobal talk, which has >1 million views.


Micro-Wearable Sensors – Tiny med tech that will save lives

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