Sarah Fayad

Smart Cities & Urban Transformation Lead AECOM

Sarah holds a master’s degree in Urban Design (with distinction) from Harvard University. Upon completion, she received the “Award for Excellence in Urban Design” and was named an Innovation Fellow.

Sarah brings her experience having worked nationally and internationally (United States, Middle East, and China) to draw on her interest in turning local crises into opportunities by implementing technological solutions at various scales to drive equity, liveability, and sustainability across diverse geographies.

Her current work focuses on using data and technology to fuse cities and the digital towards more equitable and sustainable outcomes.
Sarah is the Smart Cities and Urban Transformation Lead and is the Deputy Lead for the AECOM Global Cities initiative representing Sydney. She is working across the various market sectors to develop strategies to enhance technological innovations in precincts while ensuring the focus remains on community outcomes and stakeholder benefits.

Sarah also serves as the content writer for an executive course on “Digital and Cities” at the Harvard Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL).


Smart Cities interview with Sarah Fayad from AECOM

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