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Sushmita Ruj

Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO, Data61

I am a Senior Research Scientist in CSIRO Data61. My primary research interests are in applied cryptography, cybersecurity, blockchains and data privacy. I design practical, efficient and provably secure protocols that can be deployed in real-life applications. My interests are in critical infrastructure including smart grids and cloud, ad hoc networks and data sharing frameworks.

My aim is carry out impactful research by bridging the gap between theory and practice. I actively collaborate with the government, academia and industry and this has made research a very enriching experience for me. I have collaborated with researchers across five continents and have delivered over 80 technical lectures around the world. I am a senior member of ACM and IEEE.

Prior to joining CSIRO, I spent 7 years in academia, as a faculty, first as an Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore and then as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (currently on leave).

At Indian Statistical Institute, I lead a flourishing team of Masters, Ph. D. and Post Docs. I have won several competitive grants like Samsung GRO Award, NetApp Faculty Fellowship, Cisco Academic Grant and IBM Research OCSP grant.

I enjoy mentoring and care about research that positively affects people’s lives.


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