Vlado Damjanovski

Author, Lecturer, CCTV Expert

ViDi Labs

I am an internationally renowned CCTV expert, published author, lecturer, inventor and App developer. Through my own company ViDi Labs (www.vidilabs.com) I provide high level CCTV consultancy, project design, tendering, testing and international training based on my books.

I have an honours degree in electronic engineering, specialising in telecommunications and television, but I pride myself in being an exceptional writer, graphic designer, lecturer and a most respected authority on CCTV.
I wrote my first book on CCTV in 1995, when there were no books on this subject anywhere in the world. The latest edition CCTV – from light to pixels is still a five-star rated industry reference manual, which is translated into Russian, Korean and German.

Webinar : Video Surveillance System Standards