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Tanium, the industry’s first and only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), leads the paradigm shift in endpoint management — consolidating tools, connecting workflows and bringing together people to create a convergence.

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The key to regulatory compliance and sensitive data asset security is integration

Most regulatory acts require that owners of sensitive data must always know where the data is currently stored, what state it’s in, and how well protected it is. Two primary concerns surround the importance of having this knowledge — security and compliance, and they’re not the same thing.

“The Key to Regulatory Compliance and Sensitive Data Asset Security Is Integration” addresses the need for organizations to gain complete visibility into all their data, the tools and processes that create a real-time picture of all the sensitive data in their environment, and ultimate how to keep sensitive data secure and in the right hands.

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Interview with James Sillence, Vice President, Technical Account Management, South Asia for Tanium.