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DevOps Automation Pulse 2023 Edition

DevOps automation has evolved from an efficiency drive to a strategic imperative as organizations continue the transition to cloud-native software delivery. The prevalence of Kubernetes architectures is driving the need for automated ecosystem orchestration, as technology environments have simply surpassed human ability to manage. Organizations are attempting to meet this need with a growing array …

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10th Annual Aus Government Data Summit

Event Description: As we celebrate the Aus Government Data Summit’s 10th year, we invite the APS community to be a part of this landmark event. This gathering is the go-to occasion for government data leaders to connect, exchange insights, and remain at the forefront of data innovations. Public Spectrum’s 10th Annual Aus Government Data Summit will …

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Cyberx Qatar Summit 2022

Cyber Security in Qatar is of paramount importance in 2022. With the dawn of digitization, arrival of “new normal”, growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks and upcoming FIFA 2022, Qatar is committed towards building a secure Cyber Ecosystem and building capabilities to cope with exponential changes. The 5th Edition of Cyberx Global Series and …

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CDAO Sydney

Connecting you to what’s next in data! Australia’s senior executives responsible for championing the data agenda will gather at CDAO Sydney 2022 to share insights on transformative leadership, data driven culture, developing high performing analytics teams, data literacy and effective governance of data and AI. Focusing on the biggest challenges faced today to effectively harness …

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Government with the Right Technology Approach

Summary – Accelerating Digital Transformation in Government with the Right Technology Approach Constituent and market demands are compelling Australian federal government institutions to realign their functions and services. The foundation of this citizen-centricity is a holistic and personalised view of each person’s life journey derived from the data held by government agencies. The Digital Transformation …

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The State of Dark Data

industry Leaders Reveal the Gap Between AI’s Potential and Today’s Data Reality Data is our greatest asset — yet we’re lucky if we can find half of it. Data shapes every facet of the organization. It inspires ideas, solves problems and makes money. In 2017, The Economist declared data to be the world’s most valuable …

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DataOps Lays the Foundations for Agility, Security and Transformational Change

Matt Aslett, Research Vice President, Data, AI and Analytics, 451 Research, defines DataOps as, “The alignment of people, process, and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to enterprise data management in service of business goals. It aims to provide easier access to enterprise data to meet the demands of various stakeholders who are part of the data supply chain (developers, data scientists, business analysts, DevOps professionals, etc.) in support of a broad range of use cases.”

The Future of IT Audit

ISACA’s The Future of IT Audit: Research Brief reveals the opportunities and challenges that
await the IT audit professional and sheds light on the IT audit profession in general. In this paper,
ISACA presents survey findings related to the involvement of auditors in technology projects
within their enterprise, the technology challenges faced by auditors, the perceived impact of
automation and artificial intelligence (AI), and the IT audit staffing implications and workforce
development issues caused by new technologies.

Harness the engine of innovation

This annual report from Accenture predicts key technology trends likely to redefine business. The study also underscores the growing importance of reskilling programs as a competitive lever.