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Bug Bounty

2020 Hacker Report

Findings from the 2020 Hacker Report, which reveals that the concept of hacking as a viable career has become a reality, with 18% describing themselves as full-time hackers, searching for vulnerabilities and making the internet safer for everyone. Not only are more hackers spending a higher percentage of their time hacking, they’re also earning a …

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The Hacker-Powered Security Report 2019

HackerOne has announced that 6 individual hackers have earned over US$1 million dollars each from hacking. A bounty — or bug bounty — is a monetary award given to a hacker who finds and reports a valid security weakness to an organisation so it can be safely resolved. Thanks to these 6 hackers, 5,000 unique security flaws have been fixed, protecting millions of people.

2018 State of Bug Bounty Report

The biggest difference between an unknown vulnerability and a known vulnerability, is the ability to take action on it.

Over the past year, there has been an increase of 21% in total vulnerabilities reported, and an increase of 36% in total bug bounty payouts.

Security leaders are beginning to realize that better awareness and information about disclosed vulnerabilities is critical to their operational success.