Cloud Security


With the steady adoption of IoT and personal connected devices, it’s reported an increase of over 4 fold in IoT malware attacks year-over-year in the Middle East region. The growth in cyber threats demonstrates cyber criminals’ persistence and ability to adapt to evolving conditions in launching IoT malware attacks. Cybercriminals are targeting legacy vulnerabilities, with […]

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2023 Data Threat Report

There is greater risk in any new technology, and although 5G deployments have been underway for a number of years, organizations are still developing a full understanding of the security implications. In telecom, there is risk not only in owned infrastructure, but also from third-party devices that are connected to the network. This presents an

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PhilSec 2023

As the quest for a nationwide strengthening of cybersecurity gathers momentum, the Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has earmarked a budget of P600 million ($10.9 million) for achieving maturity level 5 which is the “resilient enterprise” level in the next five years. Even the private sector has acknowledged the pressing need, as

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The State of Cloud-Native Security, 2023 Report

THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE Few can relate to the adage like cloud security professionals. Cloud security is dynamic and unpredictable, but the move to hybrid work has accelerated change and increased the complexity of application security. As cloud-native application development evolves, so too do organizations’ cloud infrastructure (80% of survey respondents say their cloud

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Rethinking Tactics: 2022 Annual Cybersecurity Report

The year 2022 was defined by volatile political conflict and economic instability. The war in Ukraine and the escalating events surrounding the conflict sent shockwaves throughout the globe. For many governments, major enterprises, and even smaller organizations, there were disrupted supply chains, setbacks in critical multinational industries, and economic repercussions. Like many organizations operating in

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CyberSecMY 2023

In the past year, the global business sector has experienced an extraordinary level of cyberattacks, which has created challenges for security teams to respond promptly. A significant number of vulnerabilities were identified, and malicious actors are still exploiting many of them in the current year. With Malaysia’s growing dependence on technology and digital infrastructure, ensuring

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