Threat Report, T3 2022

Welcome to the T3 2022 issue of the ESET Threat Report! In 2022, an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine shocked the world, bringing devastating effects on the country and its population. The war continues to impact everything from energy prices and inflation to cyberspace, which ESET researchers and analysts have monitored extensively throughout the […]

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The Near and Far Future of Ransomware Business Models

This research paper explores the position of ransomware in cybercrime and what would trigger changes in ransomware business models. Ransomware has evolved into a malware used to cause major problems for enterprises, governments, healthcare, and critical infrastructure, but other cybercriminal business models — ones that can generate significantly more illicit profit — raises an interesting

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Threat Report T2 2022

Welcome to the T2 2022 issue of the ESET Threat Report! The past four months were the time of summer vacations for many of us in the northern hemisphere. It appears that some malware operators also took this time as an opportunity to possibly rest, refocus, and reanalyze their current procedures and activities. According to

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Threat Report T1 2022

Welcome to the T1 2022 issue of the ESET Threat Report! After more than two years of shielding from a global pandemic, we get a reward: war! Several conflicts are raging in different parts of the world, but for us, this one is different. Right across Slovakia’s eastern borders, where ESET has its HQ and

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2022 Thales Data Threat Report

Two years on, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically impact IT teams worldwide. The 2022 Thales Global Data Threat Report looked at many aspects of those impacts, with insights found from topics such as ransomware, zero-trust security strategies and cloud data security trends. This report covers respondents based in the APAC region, which we define

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2022 BrightCloud Threat Report

In 2021, many cybersecurity incidents caused experts to shake their heads and left businesses, law enforcement agents and government officials in a state of constant catch-up. Attacks on the supply chain? You bet. The takedown and resurrection of the Emotet botnet? Check. Enhancement of malware techniques to reduce the level of detection on devices? Absolutely.

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The 2020 state of crypto crime

Everything you need to know about darknet markets, exchange hacks, money laundering and more If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that cryptocurrency isn’t just for criminals. Polling shows that adoption is increasing, as 18% of all Americans and 35% of American millennials have purchased cryptocurrency in the last year. Mainstream financial institutions

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2019 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Nearly a year has passed since Australia’s mandatory data breach notification regime came into force. Over the last quarter, the highest reported source of breaches involved human factors such as clicking on an attachment to a phishing email. This trend is in line with the global statistics revealed by the latest annual 2019 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report, which suggests that one third of attacks analysed by X Force IRIS globally involved compromises via phishing emails.

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