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Top Reasons Why Manufacturing Needs Network Security

Manufacturing is one of the most hacked industries in the world, second only to healthcare. As manufacturers modernize their shop floors and set up sophisticated Operational Technology (OT) networks, they are increasingly falling in the crosshairs of determined cyber criminals. In this webinar, we will explore the unique security challenges of distributed manufacturers, including: IP …

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Cybercrime Magazine Podcast

The Cybercrime Magazine Podcast is your destination for cybersecurity facts, figures, predictions, and statistics. Listen to interviews with top industry experts, Fortune 500 CISOs, and cybersecurity CEOs plus rundowns of the latest news involving hacks and breaches, coverage of topics such as women in cyber, programs at high schools and colleges, and more.

2021 Ransomware Threat Report

Foreword Before joining Palo Alto Networks, I served 35 years in the US military, with the last 10 of those years devoted to cyber-related assignments. During my tenure, I was able to see firsthand how ransomware was a major threat to national security—and we’re still seeing it today. Ransomware is one of the top threats …

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CEO FRAUD Prevention Manual

Introduction It has ruined the careers of many executives and loyal employees. Successful CEOs have been fired because of it. Stock prices have collapsed. IPOs and mergers have been taken off the table. Known as CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise (BEC), the FBI reports that this type of cyber crime generated more than 23,000 …

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FIN11: A Widespread Ransomware and Extortion Operation

FIN11: Widespread Email Campaigns as Precursor for Ransomware and Data Theft FIN11 is a well-established financial crime group that has recently focused its operations on ransomware and extortion. Their shift is emblematic of the changing nature of cyber criminal activity, which has become increasingly aggressive and difficult to ignore. Intrusive ransomware operations have sharply climbed …

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Craig Jones

Director Cybercrime @ INTERPOL Director Craig Jones now leads INTERPOL’s global cybercrime program designed to reduce the global impact of cybercrime and protect communities for a safer world. Podcast Episode 187 – INTERPOL CYBER CRIME OPERATIONS & IGCI SINGAPORE – Interview with Craig Jones, INTERPOL Director for Cybercrime Linkedin Profile