Cyber Revolution Summit

Cybersecurity Innovations: Leading the Future of Protection We TraiCon Events will be hosting Philippines’ premier cyber security event titled as “Cyber Revolution Summit” scheduled on 10th September 2024 in, Philippines.This summit will feature keynote presentations and panel discussions with top security experts from various industries covering a range of topics, including cybersecurity innovations, data privacy […]

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Australian Security Summit (AuSEC) 2024

A complex, challenging, and changing security landscape means a difficult, demanding, and dynamic operating environment, particularly in constrained fiscal conditions. The cost of doing business continues to climb, and budgets, laws, ethical considerations, or oversight unconstrain Australia’s most aggressive adversaries. While threats have reduced in scale, they have increased in complexity. In 2024, the emerging

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ESCON – South Asia’s Premier Enterprise Security Conference

ESCON 2024, South Asia’s Premier Enterprise Security Conference is back with its 5th Edition, bringing together leading CISOs and Security Practitioners from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. This high-profile event serves as a pivotal platform for discussing the latest cybersecurity challenges, innovations, and solutions. Attendees will gain deep insights into advanced security

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State of Security 2024: The Race to Harness AI

The state of security in 2024 is a bit of a contradiction. Despite the obstacles in security professionals’ paths — stringent compliance requirements, escalating geopolitical tensions, and a more sophisticated threat landscape — the industry is making progress. Many organizations report that cybersecurity is becoming easier to manage compared to previous years. Organizations collaborate more

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ISC2 SECURE Asia Pacific 2024

Join us for our annual ISC2 SECURE Asia Pacific 2024, centrally located at the Raffles Convention Centre on 1 August. Dive deeper into the world of cybersecurity with our upcoming event, where industry experts converge to explore the latest advancements and challenges in safeguarding digital assets against cyber threats. A day filled with informative sessions,

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2nd Australian Space Cyber Forum

The Australian Space Cyber Forum provides an excellent opportunity for space cybersecurity stakeholders to meet and network with leading national and international experts. Participation in the Space Cyber Forum is targeted at researchers, entrepreneurs, academics, teachers, private consultants, public employers and others interested in space and cybersecurity. The event is divided into three distinct sections

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