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2021 Global Threat Report

As 2021 began, the world faced the possibility that we have not entirely put the unprecedented challenges of 2020 behind us. Healthcare sector entities continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic that, beyond the tragic human toll of the disease, fueled numerous incidents of malicious cyber activity. The ransomware adversaries that proliferated in 2020 are as …

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2020 CrowdStrike APJ State of Cybersecurity Survey

INTRODUCTION The first half of 2020 brought unprecedented disruption, change and the need for adaptation to businesses and organizations across the world. While leaders have moved to identify and confront a slew of challenges, cybersecurity adversaries have acted just as quickly to take advantage of uncertainty and changing dynamics. Sharing knowledge, experiences and insights has …

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2020 Global Threat Report

A year in cybersecurity is often marked by how disruptive the activity observed was — not just from a destructive standpoint, but also from the perspective of whether day-to-day life was affected. By any such measure, 2019 was an active year. From U.S. school districts to asset management firms, from manufacturing to media, ransomware attacks …

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2019 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report

This year’s Global Threat Report: “Adversary Tradecraft and the Importance of Speed,” addresses the quickening pace and increasing sophistication in adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) over the past year — and in particular, highlights the critical importance of speed in staying ahead of rapidly evolving threats.

2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report

The 2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report: A Comprehensive Review of 2019 Mobile Malware Trends report has launched by CrowdStrike, shows that nation-states are targeting individual mobile users for intelligence gathering and disruption of national rivals.

Observations From the Front Lines of Threat Hunting: Overwatch 2019 Mid-Year Report

The report details several of the sophisticated intrusions the team has encountered and provides insights into notable targeted, state-sponsored and criminal campaigns the team investigated during the first half of 2019. The report also includes information on key trends in adversary activity and offers recommendations for defending against the prevalent tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) attackers are using.

Observations from the Front Lines of Threat Hunting

This report provides a summary of OverWatch’s findings from intrusion hunting during the first half (January through June) of 2018. It reviews intrusion trends during that time frame,
provides insights into the current landscape of adversary tactics and delivers highlights of notable intrusions OverWatch identified. OverWatch specifically hunts for targeted
adversaries. Therefore, this report’s findings cover state-sponsored and targeted eCrime intrusion activity, not all forms of attacks.