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Incident Response

Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP)

The CCTP certification demonstrates a level of expertise and understanding of current counter terrorism best practices, including threat assessments, incident response planning, and risk management. It is a valuable asset for those who work in security management, law enforcement, intelligence, and other related fields. Not only does the CCTP certification add credibility and value to …

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2022 State of Enterprise DFIR

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams are currently experiencing a fundamental shift. The cyberthreat landscape is evolving rapidly as bad actors discover new ways to breach security perimeters. Insider threats are also greater than ever; and some modern tactics, such as zero-trust environments, simply aren’t designed to protect against a maliciously acting insider. Data …

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Global Incident Response Threat Report

Manipulating reality: The rise of business communication compromise, time-stamp manipulation, and cloud-jacking empowers adversaries to execute integrity attacks Key findings Attacks are becoming more destructive and targeted through advanced techniques. Respondents indicate that targeted victims now experience integrity and destructive attacks more than 50 percent of the time. Cybercriminals are achieving this through emerging techniques, …

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