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Cyber in 2023: evolving threats and resilience

2022 saw a significant increase in cybersecurity awareness across corporations and communities in Australia. In the past 12 months, cyber attacks have accelerated, as forecast. These attacks have placed organisations in the spotlight and publicly challenged their reputations. Worst, they have impacted a large portion of Australia’s population. Cybercriminals pursued higher profile targets than before, …

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M-Trends 2021

Expanding Knowledge by Sharing Intrusion Realities Security practitioners faced a series of challenges in this past year which forced organizations into uncharted waters. As ransomware operators were attacking state and municipal networks alongside hospitals and schools, a global pandemic response to COVID-19 necessitated a move to remote work for a significant portion of the economy. …

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2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report

The 2019 Mobile Threat Landscape Report: A Comprehensive Review of 2019 Mobile Malware Trends report has launched by CrowdStrike, shows that nation-states are targeting individual mobile users for intelligence gathering and disruption of national rivals.