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Web Attacks

Gaming in a Pandemic

State of the Internet / Research Report | Gaming in a Pandemic | Akamai Welcome to the second edition of SOTI Research. In this edition, we look at the attacks and trends in the gaming industry during 2020. It was a volatile year, and we’re not just speaking about the pandemic. Web attacks targeting the …

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2019 State of Bot Protection

This report is brought to you by Reblaze. It reflects the traffic conditions being experienced by our customers in 2019, the current state of the art in bot protection, and several areas of current research by our scientists into new capabilities and human/bot identification algorithms.

Web Attacks and Gaming Abuse

The report shares results from a 17-month analysis of Internet traffic in this criminally lucrative sector. The insights are valuable no matter what industry you’re in. You’ll learn:

How web attacks are evolving
The latest trends in credential abuse and gaming
3 lessons about working with security teams