5G and beyond: Connecting the dots at MWC20

February 24, 2020

5G isn’t just 5G. Much more than a new wireless communications standard, 5G represents a wideranging technological transformation that will catalyze a major strategic pivot for communications service providers (CSPs) and all those involved in the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) ecosystem.

5G will have wide-reaching impacts, affecting diverse markets stretching from enterprises to entertainment, from semiconductors to subscribers and beyond.

The CSPs’ adoption of 5G is characterized not only by network investments, but also by the creation of more complex and capable networks. 5G will trigger the merger of enterprise IT and communication equipment in the network, blending edge and cloud together and pushing fiber deep into mobile cells. The arrival of 5G will also compel CSPs to deploy network virtualization and artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently and effectively orchestrate all the different types of traffic.

This evolution in network capabilities will generate new business opportunities and mitigate risks. Since 5G has benefited from a straightforward standards process, components and devices will reach the market quickly, enabling consumers and businesses to reap the benefits of full 5G service almost immediately.

The three main improvements offered by 5G are enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) for critical communications, and scaled Internet of Things (IoT). Each of these benefits represents a new market opportunity for TMT participants.

In the 5G era, on-the-go consumers using high-speed mobile data will start to access greater quantities of content, games, and services. These mobile consumers will seamlessly transition between mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Meanwhile, the URLLC and large-scale IoT capabilities of 5G will enable a range of new applications, spanning everything from automotive connectivity to industrial networks.

This paper explores the opportunities and challenges facing the wireless industry and the entire TMT ecosystem as it gathers for MWC20.

Covering areas as diverse as sports, wireless components, and AI, this indispensable preview of 5G developments at MWC20 is produced by Omdia – the new technology, media, and telecommunications research powerhouse that is connecting the dots, revealing risk, identifying business opportunities, rethinking business practices, and delivering the diligence that is essential to make tactical and strategic
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