An Introduction to Zero Trust

July 23, 2020

A Compelling Cybersecurity Strategy for Defending the Enterprise

It’s a cloud-first world. Your users now regularly connect directly to cloud-based applications and web destinations from any device anywhere. Sophisticated cyberthreats use those connections to penetrate your traditional network perimeter.

Against this backdrop, enterprises and government organizations are turning to Zero Trust architectures to protect their sensitive data. In this whitepaper, you’ll get the complete basics about Zero Trust architectures and what they require.

  • Why Zero Trust architectures have become critical to enterprise security
  • Their essential components, core capabilities and relevant use cases
  • The critical roles that DNS and foundational security play in successful Zero Trust implementations
  • Learn How to Bolster Your Security with Zero Trust

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About the Provider

Infoblox, formerly, is a privately held IT automation and security company based in California’s Silicon Valley. The company focuses on managing and identifying devices connected to networks—specifically for the Domain Name System, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and IP address management.


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