Australian Semiconductor Sector study

December 18, 2020


The Sydney Nano Institute undertook this scoping study on behalf of the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer. Our aim was to provide an independent, industry-focused perspective on the current state and demand for semiconductor capability in Australia, and to suggest opportunities for future growth. Semiconductors are the key component in the most advanced electronic systems and will underpin development of emerging technologies for a long time to come. We would like to thank the more than 100 individuals, companies and government agencies who participated in interviews and discussions that contributed to the development of this report, and the Maltby Group, who were instrumental in delivering the study.

We are approaching the end of 2020, a year which has challenged our thinking and forced changes in the way we work, research and collaborate. While this scoping study was initiated prior to the emergence of the current global health crisis, the events of 2020 have only intensified our focus on things such as sovereign capability, supply chain security, productivity, value-adding and value-capture, where manufacturing and high-tech are at the top of the list.

This report should not be regarded as an endpoint. This is where we start.

The study has taken into consideration all facets of the global semiconductor value chain, and how we might fit into it more meaningfully; leveraging those areas that we have strengths and anticipating areas of emerging need. A key takeaway is simple: small steps aligned with a long-term vision for the Australian semiconductor industry will create new capability, talent pools, businesses and new options that all may make significant impacts on a 10- or 15-year horizon. There are many and varied global examples that we can draw from to help define and build a unique and valuable capability. Ultimately, with long-term and deep commitment, success in semiconductor research and translation will lead to increased knowledge, jobs, prosperity and security for NSW and Australia.

Professor James Rabeau
Deputy Director, Sydney Nano Institute
and School of Physics
The University of Sydney

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