Balancing the pendulum

October 21, 2021

Data is valuable. A host of organisations, including governments at all levels, insurance companies, banks, transport operators, health service providers and more, have massive datasets and many are happy to share de-identified data for the public good.

Data sharing can boost economic growth and propel innovation. But there are privacy and other ethical implications. Practical gatekeeper resources are required to monitor and manage data sharing.

There must be a balance between public benefit and privacy protection. The pendulum shifts, depending on the data involved and the depth of personal information it contains.

Frazer Walker works with many government and private sector organisations to implement data-sharing initiatives and assist them to put in place the guardrails to protect data and control against the risk of re-identification.

This white paper outlines the rapidly evolving field of data sharing and offers guidance on data-sharing methodologies for organisations to consider.

Questions that need to be answered before data sharing is enabled include – who wants access to the data and for what purposes? Where is the data stored and what security levels protect it?

While the framework ‘Five Safes’ is emerging as the foundation stone for data sharing, it has its critics. Risk management tools that aim to mitigate accidental data breaches and ensure re-identification cannot occur are important. Organisations working in the data-sharing space, like Frazer Walker, are continually seeking more advanced methodologies to protect personal information.

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