Black market for fake vaccine certificates

August 16, 2021

 Black market for fake vaccine certificates reaches new peaks, while Delta variant keeps spreading globally

Check Point Research continues to monitor the dark marketplace in which COVID 19 Vaccine certifications are sold to anyone willing to pay. Prices have reduced, now ranging between $100-120. Darknet advertisements for COVID-19 vaccines have increased and groups advertising selling certificates contain sometimes up to 450K people.

  • Fake ‘vaccine passport’ certificates on sale for $100-120
  • Majority of the fake certificates sold from European countries
  • Also on sale: The EU Digital COVID certificate, CDC and NHS Covid vaccine cards and fake PCR COVID-19 Tests
  • Volume of advertisement groups and groups sizes publishing sellers multiplied by hundreds percent since the beginning of 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic is here and apparently never left, and furthermore- it seems it does not show signs of wearing off or slowing down.

As of the beginning of August, there have been reports of 623K new cases daily, with 4.43B doses of vaccines given around the globe, which makes 15.4% of the world’s population fully vaccinated.

While the time for summer vacations is here, people are seeking ways of getting to such vacations, and this becomes a very complicated task.

In Singapore, government has decided to relax restrictions in 2 phases this month. Italy introduced a new digital health certificate, which allows holders to access cultural and gastronomic activities. Australia released details of its reopening plans, Japan extended its state of emergency in several cities, US remaining the Mexican and Canadian borders closed until at least the end of August and England suspended it’s quarantine policy for vaccinated travelers from the US and EU.

Across all continents, it is obvious that COVID vaccines are the key to this steel lock that refuses to remain free. However- vaccine skeptical population isn’t wearing down and continues to grow across continents, taking its toll and slowing the global effort to mass vaccinate the world’s population against the virus.

France is one of the most vaccine-skeptical counties, and according to a recent survey, four in ten people in France said they definitely or probably won’t get vaccinated against Covid-19. Germany saw a massive anti-vaccine movement and reports show that about a third of American adults are resisting the vaccine.

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